Jenelle Evans made quite strong social media presence after being fired from MTV. Evans is known for her cringe-worthy TikTok videos and Instagram drama and rants. Now, Jenelle Evans is giving fans a scathing review of the new MTV shows Teen Mom Family Reunion.

After her TikTok fame, Evans is now trying her hand at YouTube commentary. Jenelle Evans filmed herself reviewing Teen Mom: Family Reunion. The Teen Mom star broke down in tears after seeing a photo of herself being used, but no mention of her.

They are literally showing all the Teen Mom 2 girls, including my picture, but you won’t let me have a voice. Thanks for using my picture on the f**king table as decoration, like I’m your prize f**king winner which you don’t want to use me.

Jenelle Cried “What a f**king joke,” as star Maci Bookout talked about why they decided to reach out to Farrah. She later took aim at Amber Portwood, slamming her for going on Instagram Live rants about her. Evens also put Leah Messer on blast, saying “I just can’t trust her being a friend.”


So far, Jenelle’s commentary garnered “mixed” reviews. Teen Mom fans are slamming Jenelle Evans as being jealous. This comes after she bashed her costars for not inviting her to appear on Family Reunion. As fans already remember, Jenelle was fired along with husband David Eason after he shot their family dog.

Earlier, Jenelle Evans told fans ‘it’s better’ that she didn’t attend’ the upcoming reunion special. However, she scoffed at the fact that the producers brought Farrah Abraham back after firing her in 2017 over “adult activity.” Both Teen Mom stars were booted from the show, but only Farrah made her way back after eventually being off due to recent legal troubles.

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