Jenelle Evans is MTV ‘s most talked about Teen Mom. Even after Jenelle got fire from Teen Mom, fans keep close look at whatever she does., especially on socials. Evans has caused quite the stir on Instagram.

Teen Moms are constantly under scrutiny from fans. Whether its how they handle their kids or their babies, everything is criticized. Evans is was recently criticized for being reckless with her daughter Ensley. Now, she is kind of being body shamed.

Jenelle Evans doesn’t shy away from talking about her health issues, She has acknowledged the fact that she has gained weighed. Jenelle doesn’t let the haters pull her down, she is constantly posting dances and her controversial takes on TikTok.

Some fans find her content cringey, which is understandable. Most of her “cringey” or controversial TikToks/ Instagram posts are posted to Reddit. In one of Jenelle Evans’ “dance” TikTok which was posted to Reddit fans said that she doesn’t know how to dress as per body type.

While some comments on Reddit talk about how cringe-inducing the video is others poke fun at Jenelle’s body and ill-fitting clothes. Luckily, Jenelle is blocking out the haters as always, she did a Bikini haul after it.

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Shifa Jahan

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