Jenelle Evans is usually on the news for getting trolled by fans. Her TikToks show a wide range of her personality. Recently, she showed off her curves and nearly spilled out of her bikini in her brand new TikTok video.

Jenelle is celebrating “bikini season” on TikTok. Evans says it’s too hot in North Carolina. To defeat the heat she bought some new swimwear.

Jenelle’s latest bikini “haul” is from Target. The Teen Mom star loosened up her hair as she tried on the “one-piece” red bikini, which was a medium size for her. She boasted how “cute” she looked while slapping her tummy.

Jenelle then tried the long-sleeved bikini because she gets “really red” around her chest. She said: “It’s not as high-waisted as I thought it would be. It’s kind of tight” while showing off her booty. She also noted that the swimwear were mom-friendly.


Unlike her other controversial TikToks, Jenelle got positive feed back on this one. In the comments section, a follower mentioned: “The second one seems like it would be really functional for a water park.” To which Jenelle replied: “Yes! It’s so comfy!” Another fan commented: “You rock that red one girl!” She hit back with”Yes! Get you one! Lots of laughs!”

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Shifa Jahan

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