Jenelle Evans told fans ‘it’s better’ that she didn’t attend the upcoming reunion special. However, she scoffed at the fact that the producers brought Farrah Abraham back after firing her in 2017 over “adult activity.” Both Teen Mom stars have been booted from the show, but only Farrah made her way back so far. This is apparently an issue for Jenelle and she could have some sour grapes too.

Janelle answered a question about the reunion on an Instagram Story Q&A. The Q&A then led to her explaining all good and bad things in her life. Evans apparently got “uninvited” after her request to bring in her husband David Eason “for support” was denied by MTV. She also believes all the other Teen Moms are afraid of her.

Janelle also previously mentioned that David doesn’t like her being on the show as he “wants the best” for her. “So, yes, I was invited, but I guess then I was uninvited. And apparently all the girls are scared of me because they’re like, ‘Oh hell no, we don’t want Jenelle being here.’” the MTV star remarked.

That being said, Evans felt it would be good to taunt Farrah Abraham as a parting message. Jenelle went on to say: “But pretty much all the other Teen Moms are there, including Farrah, so have fun watching them”.


“Why would anyone be “scared of her”? She ran off crying last time she was at a reunion” a fan remarked on reddit. Other fans have criticized her for looking down on Farrah Abraham as Janelle too was also fired from MTV in 2019. This happened after David shot and killed their dog and he later killed another pet goat as well.

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Shifa Jahan

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