Jenelle Evans never fails to amuse the crowd with her antics. This time she is not happy with her former teen mom co-star Amber Portwood. Jenelle’s Instagram stories support the claim.

On 24 February, Jenelle took to his Instagram to lash out at her teen mom co star Amber Portwood. The reality star took took her stories to claim that Amber hasn’t changed at all. Looks like Jenelle certainly is not a fan of her former Teen Mom co-star.

“She’s still a b****,” said Jenelle on her story. Jenelle started off the video by saying, “Hey Amber I’m really not in the mood to even address your stupid bullsh*t but here we go. When it comes to you I don’t find it quite fair that I was let go from MTV for no reason. Yet you had a machete, a whole incident, still have trouble seeing your kid, but then you want to sit here and say how bad I am.”

“I understand your feelings and everyone else’s feelings toward me, well I understand you guys hate me,” continued Evans. “I don’t understand why. I don’t understand what I did to you,” Evans continued. “All of a sudden you hate me? If you wanna squash the drama, squash the bullshit, we can,” she said. “But is it still unfair that I was let go and you weren’t Yes,Everyone can see that.”

The drama kicked off in mid-February 2022. Evans posted a TikTok that featured text that read, “You know what’s crazy? They still wanna talk about me too,” in regards to her former cast members.

Jenelle posted this story as a response to Portwood’s February 12 Instagram live. In the video Portwood said, “Like, it’s been years, and I just want to say: cut the crap out, ya know. The little comments, though, the little jabs at me, about being scared and stuff. Jenelle, honey; what are you talking about, sweetie? Grow up. What are you writing and why is this s**t getting sent to me? Why is my name in your mouth?”

“Because I said I didn’t want you [at the Reunion] because of your crazy husband? Sitting there saying crazy stuff and he’s just weird,” Amber said. “He just does too much. He’s ridiculous. It’s too much of a trigger.” Naturally, Jenelle was not here for it.

Jenelle Evans is always stirring up some kind of manufactured drama. The reality star adores the attention of her fans. We are convinced that she won’t stop anytime soon.

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