Nelly has been chastised for remarking on a series of risqué images uploaded by Madonna, implying that the Queen of Pop should “cover up.” When he rushed into the comments section of the singer’s post last week, the “Lil Bit” rapper, 47, said, “Some things should be covered up.”

Fans of the 63-year-old “Vogue” singer rushed to her defense after seeing the photos, which showed her wearing black underwear, fishnet tights, and an embroidered jacket.

“All of these negative comments are f*cking disgusting. Like do you hear yourselves? It’s 2022. This is a 63-year-old woman who is literally more successful than all of you and has enough life experience to make her own decisions when it comes to her image,” one fan commented on Madonna’s snap, which she simply captioned, “car trouble.”

The follower continued, “None of y’all would have the gall to say any of this sh*t to her in person, and if you did her bodyguards would remove you real quick cause oh wait… she’s acclaimed and rich enough to afford bodyguards lol.”

Another fan chimed in, “y’all should really be looking at YOURSELVES and asking why the f–k u tryna cyber bully this person for the way she looks? It’s gross and giving boomer energy. @nelly this message is for you too.”

A third follower pointedout, “If a writer of songs like ‘shake ya tailfeather’ and ‘it’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes’ gets triggered by Madonna’s ass photoshoot, just know dude, we’re laughing at your hypocritical BS. Don’t sing about girls getting naked, then criticize it. Petty.”

Madonna has been chastised online for decades because of her sexualized character, with many of her detractors telling her to tone down the sex appeal as she approaches her sixties with ageist and misogynistic comments.

After having automobile issues earlier this month, the iconic pop artist decided to arrange a photo session on the road, flaunting her curves in lace underwear and pantyhose. However, not everyone was thrilled to view the photos, as Nelly expressed his disapproval.

What are your thoughts on the reaction to the photographs? Please let us know in the comments section.

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