Julia Fox has been flaunting herself in public ever since she got together with Kanye West. Kanye did start the relationship in hopes of getting back at Kim and Julia is dressing quite similarly to his estranged wife, yet again.

Julia Fox dropped jaws in an oozing blue chest mold which she showed off in her IG stories. This comes just weeks after Kim appeared in a KKW Fragrance ad wearing an eerily similar design. Although the tops had some differences, they also had quite a few similarities.

The shapes of the dress clung to their curves and gave the illusion they had been plastered onto their bodies. The molds also showed off their toned bellies. The looks weren’t completely identical as Kim wore a black mold that expanded into her neck.

Julia’s dress was very much flashier and eye-catching. In contrast to Kim’s mold, which was all black, Julia’s top shimmered in blue. It also had a melting effect as it dripped across her skin. This is however not the first time Julia dressed similarly to Kim.

Last week, she stepped out during Paris Fashion Week wearing a black headscarf and quirky shades. This was almost exactly a copy of what Kim Kardashian wore during a fragrance commercial in 2011. Julia posted the ab-baring photo to her Instagram Stories on Monday evening with no explanation as to where she was.

Following recent appearances, it looks as though Kanye has already been giving style notes to the rising star. As she continues to take style advice from her rapper beau, Julia looked exactly like Kim during a recent outing with Ye. It would be fun to watch her dress up more as Ye shakes up the fashionista in her.

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