Madonna flaunted her curves in these new thirst trap photographs, and Nelly was not impressed. The rest of the world was also ruthless with her. Wait till 50 Cent sees Madonna’s new thirst trap photo series.

Click here to check out Madonna’s entire new racy photo drop.

Although the ultimate online troll has yet to remark on Madonna’s new photos, which she released this Thursday, enough people have been flocking to her comments to tell her that she should keep them to herself next time.

Madonna has been chastised online for decades because of her sexualized character, with many of her detractors telling her to tone down the sex appeal as she approaches her sixties with ageist and misogynistic comments.

After having automobile issues this week, the iconic pop artist decided to arrange a photo session on the road, flaunting her curves in lace underwear and pantyhose. However, not everyone was thrilled to view the photos, as Nelly expressed his disapproval.

Something’s should just be left covered up.

Others in the comments indicated Madonna had a BBL, saying it looked awkward and urging her to see her surgeon again. Some of the most amusing responses simply referenced Madonna’s on-and-off dispute with 50 Cent, which was rehashed earlier this year, while waiting for Fiddy to view the photos and remark.

What are your thoughts on the reaction to the photographs, particularly Nelly’s remark? What do you think 50 Cent’s reaction will be to this? Please let us know in the comments section.

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