Hip hop artist Nelly is trending this week and it is definitely for a woman. The rapper was recently called out for allegedly giving a $100 to a woman after she returned his lost duffle bag, which contained over $300,000 in cash. After her friends clowned her on video for only getting a hundred-dollar bill despite her honest act, the rapper has come forward to share his side of the story.

According to hotnewhiphop, A friend of the unnamed young lady posted about the alleged incident on social media. The young lady allegedly returned Nelly’s duffle bag at Midtown Bowl and received only a $100 as a reward. The Neighborhood Talk later captured the online post and reposted the video on its Instagram account.

The friend started the video by saying, “We up here at the bowling alley, She found Nelly bag, it had $300,000 in it. And then what did she do? She gave it back.” The friend then continues to ask the woman, “And what they give you? Tell ’em what they give you!” The young lady responded by saying, “A $100.” He then ended the video by saying, “They gave her $100 f***ing dollars. Donkey of the Day! They gave her $100 for giving back $300,000.”

Nelly immediately caught wind of the viral story and decided to put it to rest. The rapper claimed that he never lost his bag in the first place. “Cap [cap emoji]. SUUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEEERRRR CAAPPP,” wrote Nelly in The Neighborhood Talk’s comments. “I didn’t lose sh*t idk what bag or who’s bag they talkin bout but it dam show wasn’t mine.”

Although it is strange to walk around with over $300,000 in their bag, it is not really impossible for the rapper. However, the rapper stands his ground and claims it wasn’t him.

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