Madonna needs no introduction as she is hailed as one of the biggest pop stars of her generation. She has been ever-present in the industry. Now she has stunned people with her impeccable body as she shared some snaps online.

The Material Girl wowed fans on social media with another slew of racy images on Thursday including one of her butt. The 63-year-old pop legend posed in a variety of outdoor photos while rocking a punk-filtered military-style coat. Particularly the one where she showed off her back in fishnets caught the eye of most people.

Madonna started her photoset with a photo featuring a scratchy filter to make it look as if it had been taken on film many years ago. The pop star uploaded a set of pics as she dressed up for the occasion wearing a black corset, lacy lingerie, and heeled boots. She also changed her look up with an embellished coat that read ‘God save the Queen’ on the back.

The singer-songwriter also posed on a sofa while wearing a black bustier and a black biker’s cap with a gold-lined visor. She turned her body away from the camera and hid her eyes behind her cap. Another stylish shot featured her standing to show off her skimpy ensemble, though this one was done in black and white.


Fans flocked to the comment section to support the star, with one saying: “How can you not love Madonna lol…” While a second added: “Perfection, you’re a goddess” A third wrote: “stunning”

Madonna, like the queen she is, didn’t fail to catch the attention of people with her amazing body even at this age. Praises were thrown left and right about how good she looked regardless of being 63. Madonna really showed us how age is just a number.

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