Cardi B just got involved in the battle of the Stans. Bardi gang and Barbs have been feuding for ages but a recent development has landed Cardi in hot waters.

The WAP rapper was caught following a controversial page. She has defended herself by saying she was only following a regular fan page that “stans” her and other artists. However, the Barbz disagree.

Nicki has gone on a fan interaction spree following her birthday. She not only thanked her fans but also agreed to help out some lucky fans with money. This includes fans asking her to pay their tuition fee and other fans asking her to buy them a MacBook, graphic tablet, etc. Check out Nicki’s twitter to see it for yourself.

Cardi’s critics argue that amid all this happening Cardi was following a page which only has 8 followers. The page allegedly follows Nicki’s mom, Publicist & her biggest fanpages. Barbz have claimed that Cardi did this on purpose to get some insight on Nicki Minaj and her fans. Others say that it was an account that tip her off about what Nicki Minaj’s fans were saying about her.


Cardi has denied all the allegations. She tried to prove herself by stating it was one of the many stan accounts she follows as they are her fans. She argued that she doesn’t have the time to check if an account is certified “bardigang” “Carditittie” in the username or bio. Cardi and her fans have in turn accused Barbz for coming up with a conspiracy to ease their insecurities.

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