After Jennifer Hough filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Kenneth Petty, she went on to file another lawsuit against Petty and his wife – Nicki Minaj. In the second lawsuit, Hough claimed that the couple sent people to “harass” her and called them “criminals” for this.

Now, Minaj has reportedly come forward with a response for this. According to TMZ, Minaj’s legal team has filed documents necessary to counter the claims made by Hough in her second lawsuit and have even requested the court to “sanction” her for “blatant falsehoods”.

Minaj and her team of lawyers also believe that Hough has lied through and through to secure a “payday”. The team of lawyers state that there are multiple inconsistencies in Hough’s claims, primarily the fact that she claims to have had to change her phone number due to the harassment she was subjected to by Minaj.

The team said that Hough herself had texted Minaj telling her that she had to change her number, which according to them, makes it clear that Hough wasn’t trying to hide her number from Minaj and hence makes her claims false.

Hough hasn’t yet commented on these new developments. We will keep you updated as the story develops in the coming days.

Darshan Sheth

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