Cardi B is no stranger when it comes to standing up for what is right. The Bodak Yellow singer recently caught wind of a situation that went down at a Miami nightclub and confronted the staff over the allegation.

While heading into Miami’s E11EVEN nightclub on Saturday Night, a group of Black women were stuck outside and claimed the security weren’t letting Black women in. They accused the bouncer of letting only white women inside. The women claimed that they were even blocked from booking a table.

Cardi B found out about the situation and immediately confronted the bouncers over the allegation, telling them to let the Black women inside. “Y’all gonna let the Black women in here,” Cardi can be heard demanding in a video. “Let the Black women in here. Security, let them in.”

It did not take long for the nightclub to bring the situation under control. After Cardi and her husband were escorted in, a member of the E11EVEN staff reportedly came over to let the Black women know they’d be getting in shortly after the Bronx bombshell. Cardi B once again proved how powerful her influence is.

In other news, Cardi became the first female rapper with multiple diamond singles thanks to “Bodak Yellow” and Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You.” The 29-year-old rapper also was named the first-ever Creative Director in Residence for Playboy.

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