Thanksgiving is a time of charity and contributing to fulfill the needs of those who can. The world of rap is no alien to Thanksgiving charities, as rappers such as DaBaby and T.I. hosted their Thanksgiving giveaways to help feed hundreds of families.

Late rapper Young Dolph was on his way to host his Thanksgiving giveaway event as well, when he was tragically gunned down by assailants. With the giveaways being such a norm among rappers, Kevin Gates doesn’t feel it’s really favorable to do that.

The Baton Rouge rapper took to Instagram in order to reveal why he thinks that giving homeless people birds is not for the good of anyone. The rapper told his fans in a video:

A muthafucka just asked me why I wasn’t passing out turkeys. Let’s think logically, if I go out here and pass out a bunch of uncooked turkeys, where are they gonna cook ’em? I’ll wait.

Gates clearly thought his response out. The rapper is not going to be donating any turkeys this Thanksgiving, but he still plans to give donations. The rapper took to giving away packs of fruits and sandwiches to the homeless. Gates is contrasting the likes of Quavo & Kodak Black by choosing to not giveaway turkeys.

Kevin Gates is known to say things which truly stand out in the mainstream. The rapper said in an interview on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast that men should not ejaculate during sex. The rapper does his best in showing off his uniqueness, no matter what it takes.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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