Kodak Black has proven over the years that he isn’t afraid to demand anything. Back in 2020, the Florida rapper shamelessly pursued Zendaya when she celebrated her 24th birthday. Now Kodak has his eyes fixed on Cardi B’s sister Hennessy.

The Florida MC demands Hennessy’s hand in marriage. He’s ready to do anything to fish her. Kodak wrote on Instagram, “@Hennessycarolina need to marry me. I’ll be a good boy.”

Kodak can go to any lengths to try and get Hennessy to marry him. The rapper is infamous to merciless pursue anyone he locks his target on, over the years. Back in 2018, Kodak previously made a pass at Cardi B’s younger sister.

Kodak is again back in his track to continue the Hennessy saga. In May, Kodak came for Hennessy again, writing on his Instagram story “I Wanna Eat You Till You Pass Out & Die @hennessycarolina” with the drooling emoji face alongside.

Kodak’s sickness have been on full blast this past year. In October, Kodak was forced to address his relationship with his mother after a viral video showed the MC grabbing his mom’s butt. He also tried to kiss her on the mouth at his brother’s birthday party in Miami.

Kodak’s wild posts on social media know no bound. He even said on his Instagram story, “Hennessy, stop playin’ with that pussy. I’m tryna fuck. I don’t give a fuck about your gay girlfriend. I’m tryna beat you.”

Fans flooded the comment section with their disapproval of Kodak’s actions. Sick or hopeless love? Sound off in the comments!

Gunjan Nath

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