Travis Scott’s Astroworld Stampede Tragedy took 9 lives and injured over three hundred. Many of the victims are still in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The victims and families of the victims that lost their lives are demanding justice.

Several videos have surfaced of fans trying to stop the concert amid chaos. Attendees have said that several pleas to stop the concert were ignored. Many victims from the Astroworld concert also showed their horrific injuries. The concert was also rumored to be a targeted attack. The matter is still under police investigation. Amidst this, Travis Scott Facing Multiple Lawsuits.

New York Post reported that the total number of lawsuits relating to the horrible event has now reached 108. There are sure more to come. The lawsuits have been filed against Travis Scott, Live Nation, Cactus Jack, Drake, Houston-based production company Scoremore LLC, producer Sascha Stone Guttfreund and other organizers. A case filed Tuesday on behalf of Bharti Shahani, 22, was withdrawn on Wednesday, when she died becoming the ninth victim.

No amount of money won in a lawsuit will truly bring closure to the families of those affected by the incident. It does, however, represent the first step. Scott and Live Nation share history of dangerous concert environments. A Fan Paralyzed At 2017 Travis Scott Concert Spoke Out on Astroworld Festival Tragedy. The situation is beyond worthy of a full investigation, and the responsible parties need to be held accountable by answering to the law.


“The deadly crowd surge and its aftermath unfolded right in front of Webster and Graham. Nonetheless, they continued their performance while medical personnel struggled to reach the numerous unconscious and injured concertgoers,” alleged Niaara Goods, who claims she was injured in the middle of the crowd and is suing for $1 million.

“I have one client who gave a stranger CPR for an hour before anybody even got to him. Obviously, by the time medical personnel got there, it was too late. He said, ‘I can heal from a broken arm, but I’ll never heal from this.’ This is such a unique, rare and unprecedented case.”

Scott’s conduct during the show came into question as reports surfaced that he was ignoring and apparently even egging fans on during the violent crush. Lawyer Alex Hilliard described the horrors that some of his clients faced that night to Rolling Stone. The scene he sets are truly horrific.

Another suit that came through the firm described a fan witnessing several people being killed before her eyes. The trauma that could stem from seeing such a thing would be devastating to say the least. The amount of lives Astroworld has ruined is staggering. We hope such a horrific incident never happens again. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with those affected by it.

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