The line coming from Travis Scott’s camp in the wake of the Astroworld tragedy is that the rapper wasn’t aware of the severity of the terrible situation. Even after several people were crushed to death and hundreds were injured, Scott continued to perform his set at the Houston festival. TMZ has now revealed that Travis has a lengthy history of stirring up chaos and violence among his fans.

Scott’s Instagram post history serves as a treasure trove of clips, still images, and rhetoric featuring Travis continually encouraged risky behavior at his shows. He happily posted pictures of injured fans with captions hyping the behavior that led to their suffering. It’s as if he wanted his fans to behave destructively. Along with pictures of injured individuals, he posted plenty of questionable captions.




Many of the posts have not yet been deleted from Travis Scott’s Instagram account. Additional video from Astroworld posted by attendees shows Scott pausing as an ambulance cart attempts to aid struggling fans. Scott then encourages the crowd to hold up their middle fingers.

The question of Scott’s responsibility will now sit with the court system. Scott is facing a growing list of over thirty lawsuits. He will also be responsible for paying back at least part of the full refunds attendees have been promised. Travis has already said he will pay for all funeral costs for those killed at the concert.

Scott’s history of inciting violent behavior is well-documented. The 2019 edition of Astroworld was filled with the same kind of activity that led to the 2021 disaster. Travis Scott even used video of out-of-control fans from the ’19 show to promote this year’s version.

Warning: Some of the video below shows scenes from the Astroworld festival that may be offensive to some readers. Discretion is strongly advised.

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