The fallout over the tragic events at the Astroworld festival that left eight people dead and hundreds injured continues to land squarely in the lap of rapper Travis Scott. The organizer of the concert, Scott is being named and blamed in several lawsuits filed by victims of the horrific crowd stampede.

Complex is reporting that the total number of lawsuits relating to the horrible event now number greater than thirty. That’s up from nineteen yesterday. There are sure to be more coming.

“Among those lawsuits, festival attendee Kristian Paredes is seeking $1 million from Scott, Live Nation, and Drake—who appeared at the show. Patrick Stennis is suing Live Nation, Scott, Cactus Jack, and the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation, with several others making their cases known.”

Scott’s conduct during the show came into question as reports surfaced that he was egging fans on during the violent crush. Lawyer Alex Hilliard described the horrors that some of his clients faced on that night to Rolling Stone. The scene he sets is not pretty.


“I have one client who gave a stranger CPR for an hour before anybody even got to him. Obviously, by the time medical personnel got there, it was too late. He said, ‘I can heal from a broken arm, but I’ll never heal from this.’ This is such a unique, rare and unprecedented case.”

Another suit that came through the firm described a fan witnessing several people being killed before her eyes. One can only imagine the kind of trauma that could stem from seeing such a thing. Add to that the stress of trying to escape the crowd while all this is going on, and you’ve got an absolute nightmare scenario. Our continued thoughts are with those affected by these tragic events.

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