Kanye West‘s diss to Talib Kweli seems to have ticked off the rapper. in a Drink Champs interview, Kanye was quick to land some blows of his own on Kweli. He compared himself with the rapper and said that “if you take the average—99 percent of people—say, ‘Do you wanna be Kweli, or do you wanna be Ye?’ More people gonna wanna be Ye!”

Ye’s diss was not a classless gesture, and it was spoken with the consideration that he is obviously the bigger star. It didn’t sit well with Kweli, and he took to Instagram to ‘appreciate’ Kanye’s alleged ghostwriters. He posted pictures of CyHi The Prynce, Lupe Fiasco, Pusha-T, Pardison Fontaine, Consequence, Rhymefest, Fonzworth Bentley, GLC, Malik Yusef and John Legend.

Malik Yusef & GLC came to the commented in order to defend Kanye’s position. Yusef wrote that he would much rather consider himself a “co-collaboration expert.” GLC, on the other hand, claimed that he only worked with Kanye, and never wrote for him.

Kweli had lengthy responses to the both of them. While he recognized that Kanye is a musical genius, he should produce his own music and not diss those who work hard on their careers. He was a lot more stern replying to GLC, saying that the “disrespect of my name and my legacy will not be tolerated.”

Talib Kweli has taken shots at Kanye before. In a lengthy post on his Instagram, Kweli talked about how Kanye West’s music is amazing. However, he pointed to the fact that Kanye had MAGA affiliations, which he partially blamed on Rick Rubin. With such a hard hitting diss, Kweli is still keeping it civil, and the ball currently rests in Kanye’s side.

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