The Wendy Williams Show’ is known for its engaging nature, for many reasons. Wendy Williams herself is out of commission due to her Graves’ disease as well as COVID-19. She is taking her time for recovery, and a guest host has chosen to fill her shoes in the meantime.

The stand-up comedian, actress and podcaster, Whitney Cummings has chosen to do the show for the time that Williams is taking to cover. The 57-year old is expected to be ready to come back sometime in November, as the complications from her Graves’ disease still continue to arise.

Williams’ absence, however, is not only hitting the profit-centers, but apparently the audience doesn’t want to sit for the show. The show has been offering the amount of $75 to people who are willing to sit through the 3-hour duration of the show’s filming.

Page Six reported that an email has been in circulation in order to ‘hire’ audience members. It starts by saying “‘The Wendy Williams Show’ is the provocative, must-see talk show in daytime.” Their desperation for an audience contrasts the description in the email. The email adds “$75 CASH incentive, given same day (3 hrs),” incentivizing the audience to sit through.


Debmar-Mercury, the production-company responsible for the show, gave the update about Williams’ condition. They revealed that while she continuously makes progress, there are still issues arising from her disease. The complications are deemed “serious,” which means that Williams might take longer to recover.

She is making progress, but is experiencing serious complications as a direct result of Graves’ disease and her thyroid condition. It has been determined that more time is needed before she is able to return to her live hosting duties.

The absence of Williams on the show has been a cause of concern from both fans and advertisers. While it was believed that the continues delayed the show’s premiere faced caused advertisers and station partners to become frustrated with it. However, the show signaled that all is okay in the background by posting a tweet. They ended up premiering the 13th season of the show with a panel of guest hosts and co-hosts.

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