Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have been in a relationship for a while. However, Hyland had some intimate details to share with everyone about her fiancé. She revealed that it took them about three months to have sex together, which might sound a bit shocking to many.

Hyland revealed the detail in her EllenTube series “Lady Parts,” while being alongside guest Whitney Cummings. The “Modern Family” actress remarked that the wait wasn’t because of any issues, but due to an advice by her medical team.

My fiancé and I, we couldn’t have sex for three months before we actually did, just because medically for me, I wasn’t allowed to.

Whitney Cummings then stated that waiting for the sex to happen over long periods of time is “f–king hot.” Hyland agreed and said that “It was this long waiting game that was really, really sexy.”


Hyland has been suffering from kidney dysplasia ever since she was a child. Having been given a kidney for a transplant by her own father 2012, she had to undergo a second replacement in 2017. While her brother Ian had donated the kidney, she had to endure the pain for as late as 2019. The couple started dating each other in 2017, and were to marry each other in 2020, which the pandemic postponed.

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