The Rock is known for his charismatic personality and many people are drawn to the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. His costars also enjoy his company and Emily Blunt enjoyed it enough to sign on for a Jungle Cruise sequel already.

There is a reason why The Rock is a man who many would vote for if he ran for President of the United States. If you ask Dwayne Johnson, he might have a different idea of his own political aspirations.

While speaking to Vanity Fair, Emily Blunt talked about her Jungle Cruise costar. Dwayne Johnson is a man with a great sense of humor, but Blunt also said he is compassionate. Dwayne Johnson is also a man who loves his tequila and he has a rather filthy laugh as well.

“I know the first thing that everybody notices is that colossal framework of a human, but what people who really know him well know is that held inside it is this equally oceanic compassion and humility,” she says. “He’s got this sort of blazing charisma that he’s really known for, but he’s quite shy and introverted. He’s an interesting and very rare mix of really confident and really humble. He also happens to be a tequila-swilling, fun-as-hell hang, and he’s got the filthiest laugh in the world.”


“He has no boundaries whatsoever. He’s a very confusing person, because he’s the most polite gentleman in the world, and then he will just push the boundaries until he is saying things that will just make your head spin to make you laugh…I think that he’s got this rebellious kid in him that won’t be straitjacketed.”

The Rock is not leaving the public eye any time soon. In fact, his star only shines brighter each day. We’ll pay close attention to his next moves in entertainment and politics. WWE fans are also holding out hope that they will see him again, perhaps at Survivor Series next month.

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