Dwayne Johnson has spoken once again about the possibility of him running for president, revealing he’s done “a small amount of research” on a potential run for the most powerful seat in the U.S., according to Yahoo Entertainment.

Johnson, who will be gracing the cover of Vanity Fair’s November 2021 issue, discussed a possible future in politics. He said: “Indicators are all very positive — in, for example, 2024, and in, for example, 2028.”

He told Vanity Fair he’s spoken to several people in politics. Though he has kept their identities anonymous, Johnson said he has done “a small amount of research and analysis to see where this comes from and to see what it could look like in the future.”

However, the 49-year-old has admitted he doesn’t see himself running for the office – not in the near future at least. “You know, at the end of the day, I don’t know the first thing about politics,” he said.

He continued: “I don’t know the first thing about policy. I care deeply about our country. I care about every fucking American who bleeds red, and that’s all of them.

“And — there’s no delusion here — I may have some decent leadership qualities, but that doesn’t necessarily make me a great presidential candidate. That’s where I am today.”

We will have to see if The Rock gets into politics sooner or later. It seems that his options are open and he has plenty of time to make that decision.

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