Niall Horan and Conor McGregor are from two different worlds. One is a trained MMA fighter while the other is a former boy band member and pop star. However, they do share their Irish ancestry, and it’s apparent with how Horan can perform an impeccable McGregor impression.

The former One Direction star gave an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While the two talked about Irish culture, Horan gave a surprisingly on-point Conor McGregor impression.

Horan chose the perfect McGregor bit, which is “Bili Strut.” Before getting to the impression, he did a little stand up routine. It was based on how most people think that Irish people are all related. He also noted that most people are incredibly misinformed about Irish traditions.

McGregor seems to be having a pretty bad time. He’s getting called out right and left, here for his mental health, and there for talking trash to stay relevant. Even Jake Paul called him a loser and blasted him for going on a downward trend in his career.  


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Nitish Vashishtha

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