Jake Paul has taken celebrity beefs on a new level. The Paul twins have had beef with about a dozen celebrities such as UFC president Dana White and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. As more people from the world of sports get interested in taking them out, it seems like the beefs aren’t stopping any time soon.

The Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett said that he had “bigger fish to try” than the Paul brothers. Jake Paul recently made a scathing comeback at the Browns DE when he appeared on the 3 Things to Know podcast.

Stick to football, my friend. My brother sparred against all of the Gronkowski brothers, who are 6’5″, 6’6″, 6’7,” and he took them all down in the same sparring session.

Jake & Logan Paul have made a lot of cash out of fighting other celebrities. Jake Paul fought and won against Nate Robinson & former MMA fighter Ben Askren. On the other hand, Logan Paul went against the biggest boxing legend of all. Mayweather vs Logan Paul was an unsatisfying boxing match to many, as there was no official winner in the match.

Paul has been arousing a lot of emotions in his fans. Jake blasted Conor McGregor for slacking off in his UFC matches. His fans took to clowning him after he released a rather unimpressive boxing routine on Instagram. Paul also explained why his “hit-list” doesn’t have Floyd Mayweather, but MMA fighter Kamaru Usman said that he doesn’t care about his hit-list.

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