Dr. Dre is going through the divorce proceedings with wife Nicole Young, and they’re every bit of nasty and tough on the heart as divorce proceedings usually are. However, it seems that the rapper does not want to be weighed down and get recognized by the fact that he is technically still a married man.

As per a TMZ report, Dr. Dre has requested the judge in charge of his case to grant him the ‘single’ status. Laura Wasser, Dre’s attorney filed a motion to bifurcate, based on what they consider facts, that the false accusations of domestic violence on Dre by his wife only go to show that their broken bonds cannot be mended.

Nicole has accused Dre of holding her at gunpoint in 2000 & 2001, getting punched in the face as well as while she was “hiding from Dre’s rage” in their house, he kicked the door down back in 2016. She claims to have developed post-traumatic stress disorder as the many instances allegedly wear her down. She also tried to get a restraining order against Dre, but failed in doing so as she couldn’t provide any proof of Drake harassing her or causing her distress.

What the bifurcation of marriage means is that the couple’s marriage can be considered over and the problems with the case proceedings that still exist take a later date to be ironed out legally.


However, the couple is at odds about whether their prenup is still valid or not. While Nicole signed it at the time of the marriage, Dre tore his one off and says in a filed document with the clause that implicates that in order for alterations to be considered valid to a document, they have to be filled in writing.

Dre seems to be on the losing side when it comes to money, as he’s covering $2 million in spousal support as well as $5 million in legal fees for Nicole, which he agreed to doing when he had had a brain aneurysm. Dre has not been silent about how much he hates this whole thing, as he even dropped some bars dissing Nicole in a brand new song.

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