Drake is not only known for his incredible music but also for his meme material faces. The internet has made numerous unforgettable mems out of him and as DJ Khalid says Drake might be up for “another one.” This time it originates out of a funny interaction between Drake and a group of moms at a diner.

Drake recently made an entertaining appearance in an Instagram video interacting with a mother at a dinner table. Furthermore, there seemed to be multiple females eating with them. The 6 God was nearby, and they subsequently realized and added to the interaction.

The Canadian rapper knew that the table noticed him, and said “Wassup girl?” as he walked by. Then, he exclaimed as the table hyped him up right back, moving his hands and sticking his tongue out. The person who posted the video captioned their IG Story post with, “Did Drake just say ‘wasss up girlie’ to my mom?”

People online have already started making fun of the rapper for his goofy interaction with the ladies. However, many also pointed out his coolness quotient of his to do so. Any other rapper would much more likely move on without batting an eye toward the table and this kind of warm behavior is what makes Drake very likable.


This, however, hasn’t been the first time, Drake has been caught on a video doing his thing. His Lollapalooza Argentina set wowed thousands yet also disappointed many. One of the highlights of his performance was captured when Drake filmed himself on stage with a fan’s phone.

Drake has been in a tug-of-war between fans lately. This mostly originated after fans were upset due to his Lollapalooza concert. However, he has managed to make things much lighter with this interaction.

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