Nick Lachey from 98 degrees has made the news for the wrong reasons. Lachey is currently in hot water after he got violent toward a photographer during his night out in March 2022. With that being said, Lachey has now been ordered to attend anger management classes and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to control his anger.

According to incident reports obtained by Page Six, Lachey was accused of committing battery and assault against Jody Santos in March 2022. However, no official punishment was meted out until the paparazzo complained to the Beverly Hills Police Department for months. Santos revealed to the Daily Mail on Monday that Lachey had been ordered to go to AA meetings and anger management classes.

“He has to complete [anger management and AA] within a reasonable time, which is like a year or so.

If he fails to do so, they will move forward to prosecute him with noncompliance and he will get arrested.”

On March 27, 2022, Santos spotted Lachey and his spouse, Vanessa Lachey, departing from Mastro’s eatery located in Beverly Hills. In a fit of rage, the singer ran over to the paparazzo’s car across the street as she was taking pictures. He attempted to snatch her phone and camera through the passenger window.

“In all my years of photographing celebrities, no one has ever tried to hit me,” Santos told the newspaper at that time.

Later in the night, Nick was with Vanessa and another woman. While he was walking back to a hotel, the 98 degrees star was yelling and sticking his middle finger up to photographers as they walked by. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding the ongoing story.

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