UFC President Dana White is a polarizing personality within the mixed martial arts community. He made the UFC into the global juggernaut that it s right now and he wants to do the same for his Power Slap League. That being said, White was criticized for ramming the Power Slap League down people’s throats.

Despite all the criticism meted out against the show, it has turned out to be a massive hit online. In fact, the upcoming seasons of the Power Slap League will be streaming on the Rumble Streaming service.

Dan Hardy, a former UFC fighter, has expressed his concerns about the close association between Dana White’s Power Slap and the UFC. Despite being hesitant to criticize slap fighting prematurely, Hardy argues that the UFC’s immense brand has enabled it to remain unscathed by any negative association with Power Slap. This, in turn, has given Dana White the confidence to promote his latest venture aggressively.

Hardy acknowledges that the UFC has come a long way since he was fighting in an era when MMA was widely viewed as “human cockfighting.” He believes that the sport has gained more acceptance over time and has become more mainstream. However, he worries that linking it to Power Slap, a relatively unknown sport, could negatively impact its reputation.

The retired fighter argues that the UFC has become so powerful that even an association with a less popular sport like Power Slap hasn’t done much to damage its image. However, he feels that this has made Dana White feel “untouchable” and allowed him to promote Power Slap aggressively.

“I guess it reflects in a way how strong the UFC brand is. Now they can stick Power Slap on the side of it and don’t feel like they are doing damage to the sport. If you would have done that in 2010, it would have completely invalidated the UFC as a brand. Because people were still on the fence about it. But now, again, I feel like Dana feels like he’s untouchable. Because they are ramming the Power Slap League down our throats. I have unfollowed Dana and the UFC on Instagram cause I’m sick of seeing popping up.”

The Power Slap League show could face legal trouble in multiple states. Dana White also recently touted the Power Slap League’s numbers. Dana White also revealed that the second season of the show might be filmed on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. Regardless, we will have to wait and see whether the Power Slap League continues to be successful.

Do you think the Power Slap League will remain successful? Are you glad for Dana White? Sound off in the comments!

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