Nick Lachey from 98 degrees has made the news for the wrong reasons. Its clear that Nick Lachey hates being photographed. The singer got violent toward a photographer during his night out.

Things are not looking good for Nick Lachey as the entire incident was caught on camera. He not only threw cuss words at the woman photographer but also reached in her car and tried to snatch the phone from her hands.

TMZ reports that Nick and his wife, Vanessa, went out to eat at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills Sunday night. It was all going well until Nick saw a photographer taking pics of him from her car. The singer stormed across the street, allegedly punching her window and calling her a “p**** mother f*****.” Nick’s wife Vanessa was yelling for her to open her car door.

After Nick Lachey walked away, the photographer put her window down and asked him what’s his problem. This made him dart back to the car in anger once again. After noticing her filming him, he quickly reached into the car and tried to snatch the phone off her hands.

Later in the night, Nick was with Vanessa and another woman. While he was walking back to a hotel, the 98 degrees star was yelling and sticking his middle finger up to photographers as they walked by.

The woman photographer from the altercation claimed she could smell alcohol on his breath. This could allegedly a possible factor in his erratic behavior. Nick’s camp has yet to comment on this situation.

Watch the video by clicking here.

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Shifa Jahan

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