Disneyland, the self-proclaimed “happiest place on earth,” has been delighting visitors for over six decades. Nestled in Anaheim, California, this world-famous theme park is a masterpiece of imagination and engineering. From the moment one steps foot in the park, they are transported into a magical wonderland where childhood fantasies come to life. With a plethora of rides, attractions, shows, and characters, Disneyland offers an experience like no other.

From the classic “It’s a Small World” to the thrilling “Space Mountain,” there is something for everyone. And with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Disneyland continues to set the standard for theme parks around the world. In fact, one man loved the theme park so much, he visited it nearly 3,000 times in a row.

TMZ recently reported that Jeff Reitz has set the Guinness World Record for visiting Disneyland 2,995 times in a row. His streak began in 2012 and spanned eight years, three months, and 13 days.

“It started as a joke between friends when Disneyland announced they were giving an ‘Extra Disney Day’ when they announced the Leap Day 24-hour event in 2012. We decided to use Disneyland as a positive as we were out of work and had annual passes that had been gifted, so it was a source of free entertainment,” Reitz told Guinness.


Reitz’s unprecedented streak ended during Covid-19 when the theme park had to be shut down in March 2020. This stopped his consecutive visit count at 2,995. Reitz mentioned what he went through to achieve such an unimaginable feat.

“You learn a lot during the time it takes to achieve such a record, like time management and finances in order to be able to have a life and do more than just one thing,” Reitz shared. “Even to hold a full-time job required me to keep close tabs on the park calendar along with my own to be sure I could make it into Disneyland before it closed when they had special events.”

Visiting a place like Disneyland 3,000 times in a row is no easy feat and such a record may never be broken again. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News as we bring you similar news stories.

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