John Travolta has starred in some of the most iconic movies in Hollywood. Apart from being an outstanding actor, he didn’t slack off as a husband either. After the tragic loss of his wife, Kelly Preston, he has vowed to never be with a woman again.

John Travolta lost his beloved wife, Kelly, in 2020. According to, since then he has sworn off any women in his life. As per an insider, the actor won’t even “look” at another lady despite his friends pushing him to date.

“John still considers himself married and says he will stay loyal to Kelly until the day he dies.” 

Kelly Preston gave in to breast cancer after a struggle of almost two years. It has been two years since the mishap and John has not yet fathomed the loss of his wife. According to the tipster, he constantly mentions Kelly and talks about her all the time.


Most of the women that Travolts’s friends are throwing at him are constantly put in the friend zone. The Pulp Fiction actor insists it will stay that way forever so there’s not much point to try. He has abstained from dating altogether as he deems Preston as the only woman for her.

Travolta is mostly involved with his kids who are the only rays of light in his life. He previously lost his son Jett due to a seizure in 2009. The recent loss of his wife has burdened him with the existing trauma of losing his kid. In 2022 John paid tribute to Jett in a heartfelt message on what would be his 30th birthday.

Despite facing such hardships in his life, Travolta has managed to hold his head high. His values show off when he denies meeting any women due to the love he still feels for his late wife Kelly. People can only wish for partners like him with whom death can’t even part them.

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