Taye Diggs was the main man in the series “All American.” He has been a great forerunner for the series for five long seasons. However, it was time for him to take two steps back, so he left the show this week. He has now explained the reason for doing so.

The CW series “All American” is running since 2018 and Taye Diggs’ character, Billy Baker, was the face of the show. In a conversation with TV Line, Diggs said that conversations about his exit from the series started at the halfway point of Season 4. The reason for his exit seems pretty straightforward as in he just had a feeling he didn’t want to do this show.

“I was having a great time. It was just a feeling that I got [that I was ready to leave], and I just honored that feeling.”

Diggs took to his Instagram feed and posted a photo of himself and thanked everyone for their continuous love and support for the actor. Showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll was on board with his decision to leave. Hence, they found out that the only possible way to end his timeline in the story is death.


“The easiest choice would have been for me to teach at some college, but then given the intensity of the relationships between me and my family, and me and the team, it would not make sense if I was still alive and wasn’t still in contact with these children of mine — these students, these young men that had such an influence on my life.”

In the recent episode of the show that was aired on 13th February, Diggs’ character Billy was killed off. He thanked everyone who honored his decision and gave him a great exit from the series. The show has been renewed with a sixth season however, we won’t be seeing any more of Diggs in it.

Diggs has been central to the All-American cast for its entire five-season run. The series is one of the highest-rated on The CW. It will be interesting to see how the show does without its most important character.

“It has truly been a gift for me and my fellow writers to write a character that was equally flawed and heroic. Billy was all of us and what a joy it was to watch this character grow as he raised his kids and his football players as one big family. We wish Taye the very best in this next chapter of his life and he remains a beloved member of the All American family, so you haven’t seen the last of Billy Baker.”

Taye Diggs can now make some time to divert his mind to different projects. He recently reprised his role in Peacock’s The Best Man: The Final Chapters and counts Broadway’s Rent. We are excited to see how he gets on with his newfound ventures.

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