Henry Cavill’s involvement in the “Black Adam” bonus scene sparked a storm of speculations. Cavill’s Superman appears in the film’s post-credits sequence, suggesting that he and Black Adam are at odds. The English actor recently confirmed that he is back as Superman.

Henry Cavill took to Instagram to confirm that he is back in the red and blue suit. In the video accompanying his post, the British actor stated that what viewers witnessed in Black Adam’s after-credit scene is just a small taste of what’s to come.

I wanted to wait until the weekend was over before posting this, because I wanted to give you all a chance to watch Black Adam, But now that plenty of you have, I want to make it official: I am back as Superman. The image you see on this post is and what you saw in Black Adam are just a very small taste of what’s to come. There’s a lot to be thankful for and I’ll get to that in time. But I wanted to thank you guys most of all. Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience. I promise it will be rewarded.

It took a while for Cavill to make his return to DCEU official, and he was strategic with his announcement. Cavill first played Superman in the 2013 film, Man of Steel, and then again in 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both projects were directed by Zack Snyder, who has since become a fan favorite.


Snyder was also assigned to 2017’s Justice League, but he stepped down due to a tragic personal loss and was replaced by Joss Whedon. This prompted the infamous “release the Snyder cut” campaign. Warner Bros. eventually released Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021. Following the release of “Black Adam,” fans are demanding Snyder’s DCEU return. Check out Cavill’s video below.

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