Black Adam movie had a nice surprise at the end for DC fans. During the post credits scene, fans got to witness Henry Cavill revive the role of Superman. Lawrence Sher, the cinematographer for the film, described how the scene was filmed in secret. Spoilers will be revealed in this post, so please proceed with caution.

Lawrence Sher who appeared on the latest episode of The Hollywood Reporter’s Behind the screen podcast stated that it wasn’t easy negotiating Henry Cavill’s return and it came down to the wire.

“If we can get Henry to be in it, then we’ll figure that out on a future date.”

He further stated that Dwayne Johnson’s half of the scene was filmed as the final shot on the final day of additional photography. After Dwayne Johnson’s final half was filmed, the team put together the second half using a body double. However, in this version, they didn’t show his face and only showed Superman’s emblem on his chest.


“Watching an actor come out of a full silhouette into that, was actually goosebumps. ‘Wow, this is 100 percent going to work. Now they need to figure out if they can get the guy with the head to be there,’” Sher recalls.

During the Black Adam test screening, they showed the headless version of the scene. But the reaction was so positive that they felt they had to get Henry Cavill now.

“I went to a test screening … in which they did the version without his head … and it played gangbusters,” says Sher. “Then it was like, ‘Now we got to get Henry.’”

It seems like Dwayne Johnson who shares a manager with Henry Cavill lobbied hard for Henry Cavill to make his return. However, Walter Hamada who is in charge of DC Films rejected the idea. The Rock still went around Walter Hamada’s back to Warner Bros. film bosses Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy who approved the idea.

After the deal was done, Henry Cavill half of the scene was just filmed last month in London with Lawrence Sher working remotely as he couldn’t travel to the U.K. Black Adam released in theatres across the US on October 20 to a positive reaction from the fans.

What’s your take on Superman’s cameo in Black Adam? Please let us know your thoughts.

Sunil Joseph

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