Dennis Rodman is one of the most unique personalities to ever step onto a basketball court. The Chicago Bulls Legend has achieved a lot of success in his personal life. However, his personal life has always been in turmoil. Dennis Rodman suffered from financial troubles and a terrible love life.

During a trailer of an upcoming VH1 show called “The Surreal Life,” Rodman can be seen venting out about his marital problems. Dennis Rodman has always found it difficult to stay in relationships. During his life, he has even been married thrice but none of his marriages lasted. During the show’s trailer, Dennis Rodman can bee seen talking about one of his ex-wives having an extramarital affair with one of his teammates.

“My teammate f**ked my wife. I had to go and play a game that f**king night,” stated Dennis Rodman.

The VH1 show The Surreal Life will return to TV after 16 years. The show will feature many celebrities who will stay together in a mansion which could lead to loads of drama. Dennis Rodman is going to be one of the celebrities in the show. The Surreal Life is set to air on October 24.

Watch the trailer here:

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