Madonna sharing bizarre content on her social media pages has become the norm at this point. She has continued to surprise her fans with outlandish posts as of late. Now the singer has made yet another bizarre confession.

Madonna took to Instagram on Thursday to confess that she was never circumcised. The 64-year-old musician then shared a series of selfies in which she wore pink sunglasses, a yellow and black mesh top, and a see-through blue skirt while drinking white wine.

I was not circumcised [sic]

Each letter of the singer’s confession was written in its own Story post, totaling four photos. In one of her pictures, Madonna removed her skirt and wrapped it around her head to symbolize circumcision surgery.

This comes just a few days after the Queen of Pop seemingly came out as gay in her TikTok video. Earlier this month, fans were horrified by the singer’s look in one of her post. Madonna posted a selfie video to Instagram in which she peered into the camera, prompting people to label her “unrecognizable” and “freaky. (Ultram) ”


Back in April fans were concerned about Madonna’s TikTok video, where her face appeared drastically altered. Many speculated that the singer underwent facial surgeries, and some even compared her to reality TV star twins Darcey and Stacey Silva. Check out her latest post below.

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