Madonna had an unbelievable night at the Grammys on Sunday. She got up on stage and performed with her usual stage presence to wow the fans. However, a TikTok of her has garnered much attention due to its unsettling content.

The singer shared a TikTok right before the commencement of the award ceremony which made the fans weird out. Her post featured a close-up of her face and large pink pouty lips. The video just showed her leaning back and forth to the camera.

The video seemed visually disturbing as her to and fro motion made her face distort in an unusual manner. She was wearing heavy silver chains and a black sheer top with her blonde hair in four braids. According to New York Post, Her confused followers couldn’t help but comment on her bizarre TikTok about the sudden post.

Someone wrote that the clip was “completely unsettling.” Another commented, “Great! How am I supposed to close my eyes and fall asleep now!?”

“This honestly scared me I’m not gonna lie,” one fan chimed in. “I’m just going to remember how fabulous she was in the 90s. She was an icon,” another user said.

The Material Girl has been recently uploading NSFW pictures online. Many followers have speculated that her snaps are heavily edited and Photoshopped. Even 50 Cent slammed Madonna for posting such pictures.

It’s open speculation about why she decided to post such a video. Although the video didn’t have any content worth offending anyone, it however scared most.

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