Drake has had some of the most iconic hairstyles over the years. Bri Marie, from Bri Marie Hair, is responsible for quite a few of them. She has now talked about how some of the styles and designs came about.

In early September 2022, Drake was en route to Beaverton, Oregon, where he will present the Nike Maxim Award Show. With his distinctive braids, he attracted the attention of various athletes, celebrities, and fans present. Everyone was surprised by the Nike swoosh-shaped braided feature in his hair.

Drizzy later followed the public appearance with close-up shots of his protective style on Instagram. It garnered a huge amount of positive feedback from the internet. All this is thanks to the amazingly talented Bri Marie.

Drake should be credited for the brand machine he’s built over the past few years, but he’s not working alone. The 22-year-old designer Bri Marie is the hairstylist in charge of Drake’s new hair progression. In a recent interview with Complex, Bri discussed providing Drake with those signature hairstyles.

“[We] had a conversation about trying something new, and something that would be branded towards that event. It’s simple, but it’s still doing a whole lot. It was just really off the top of our heads. We’re like, ‘Why not? Let’s just try to see if we can create that shape.’ It was my first time doing it, and it was executed perfectly.”

Bri Marie had always braided her family’s hair. It was more difficult for her to fulfill this particular style requirement than she had in the past. As a result of her talents, along with Drake, she now collaborates with artists like Riff Raff, Rich Homie Quan, James Harden, Swae Lee, and more.

“My whole story is actually pretty crazy. This whole braiding [career] just fell in my lap.”

Bri hopes to use her talents to take people’s braided hairstyles to new heights. She isn’t even certain of the design she’ll work on next, but we’ll see it soon enough.

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