Kanye West’s public anti-Semitic rants have caused widespread outrage. The rapper doubled down on his hatred for Jews on the Drink Champs podcast recently as well. Now, Ye is once again letting the world know he doesn’t want to backtrack his anti-Semitic sentiments.

The rapper appeared on Pier’s Morgan’s show, and expressed how he feels about the Jews who allegedly did him wrong. The host asked Ye, if his anti-Semitic sentiments were racist, and the Chicago native rapper said they were indeed.

Ye specifically said that he only wishes death on Jews who have wronged him, and that those who have been kind to him do not deserve his fury. This comes a few days after Twitter and Meta restricted Kanye’s accounts for violating company policies and took down the post that included antisemitic tropes.

Morgan pushed Kanye, and Ye said he was targeting Jews who did him wrong, and those are the people he wanted to go “death con 3.”

Ye’s erratic behavior eventually led to JP Morgan Chase cut its ties with the rapper and his clothing brand Yeezy Inc. Kanye’s buisness deal with Adidas is under review as well. It’s worth noting that Ye’s brand has brought billions in annual revenue to the German-based company.

Kanye unveiled “White Lives Matter” T-Shirts at his Paris Fashion show which also ignited anger from fans and celebrities alike. His ex-wife, Kim Kardashian said that she was utterly disgusted with the display. Check out Kanye’s interview below.

Do you think Ye will stop his antisemitic rants anytime soon? Let us know in the comments!

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