Kanye West is no stranger to controversy. The rapper has recently found himself in hot waters frequently. Whether it’s his controversial remarks towards Jewish people, false suggestions regarding George Floyd’s death or wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts to Paris Fashion Week.

The controversies just don’t seem to stop for Kanye West. Stylist Ian Connor was out about in L.A. distributing White Lives Matter Shirts to homeless people. The Dondas Place Instagram page showed several people wearing the White Lives Matter Shirts.

In the video, Ian Connor reported that the items were courtesy of Kanye West. He also asked people to put the design up in their stands and carts on the street.

It was also reported that the shirt’s manufacturer, Dov Charney, has put a stop of the release of the shirt’s following Kanye West’s remarks regarding the Jewish community.

You can check out the post below. We’ll have to see how the White Lives Matter merch fares with L.A.’s homeless population.

What’s your take on Ian Connor distributing White Lives Matter Shirts to the homeless? Sound off in the comments section.

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