In the current music scene, Akon is one of the most established vocalists. Akon just made a revelation that would startle many people, therefore it’s odd that no one noticed. Akon claimed that he used his brothers as stand-ins on tour for the benefit of the audience.

At the height of his musical career, Akon admitted to using his brothers as stand-ins for him on stage. He is now laughing about it because he was never caught.

When the real Akon was encountered by TMZ inside DASH Radio, he said that the main motivation behind pulling off those switcheroos in the past was to avoid disappointing all of the fans around the world. Simply put, he claimed that on some days, he needed to be in one place since he couldn’t be in two.

Akon claimed that he was still relatively fresh to the scene just after his hit single “Locked Up” and rabid fans couldn’t detect the difference because all of this happened before social media. Do not forget that he is not a triplet with his brothers.

This wouldn’t work today, given that his brother Bu Thiam has developed into a major executive in the music business. Akon claimed that his brother Omar would go rogue and perform performances on his own and never offered to share in the earnings.

Akon further claimed that the DJ gave the brothers the royal Milli Vanilli treatment by pressing play on his tracks so they could lip sync even though neither of them can sing.

Fans will recall when Akon was hot as fish grease, dropping platinum singles left and right and working with artists like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Styles P. These days, Akon is more of a businessman than a musician.

Fans who later learn they were tricked have the option to convert their fake tickets into NFTs. What’s your take on hearing this? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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