Tammy Rivera and her husband, rapper and fellow reality star Waka Flocka, have had their fair share of marital woes. Despite splitting up about a year ago, their romance is still in the news. Rivera recently shut down dating rumors amid a split from Flocka, because she’s not having that.

The couple’s life was briefly displayed for thousands of strangers to observe after their marriage in 2014. The two were used to fans being in their business after appearing on series like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Marriage Boot Camp, but they’re now over it. Tammy recently claimed that she is merely looking for peace of mind.

Tammy has recently been the target of various speculations after being seen with a few men in Atlanta. Nevertheless, she silenced them all in a Page Six interview. When questioned about her prior excursions, she said that it was her best friend.

It’s not true… There’s nothing to talk about. One time they said I was on a date and I was out with my best friend. People say things, I don’t care. I just want peace, happiness and have a peace of mind– that means everything to me, truly.

Apart from that, the singer has been devoted to supporting Charlie, her daughter. “I don’t want her to feel any void because me and Waka are not together anymore or feel like our [lifestyle] has changed because it has not. The same things that we had when I was with Waka is the same things we have now.”

In a recent Zoom interview with HipHopDX, Waka Flocka Flame discussed his split with Tammy Rivera. Waka Flocka said throughout the conversation that there were many things he could have done differently to prevent a divorce. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest news and updates.

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