Fivio Foreign is one of hip-hop’s most controversial rappers. He appears to be so tired of feuding with rappers that he has started beefing with his baby mother. His baby mama recently called him out in epic fashion. Despite the allegations leveled against him, Fivio believes he takes care of his children.

Things were tense yesterday between rapper Fivio Foreign and his baby mother, Jasmine. Their quarrel began when the New York rapper allegedly promised his baby mother $80,000, but he failed to deliver. His lack of commitment caused Jasmine to go live on Instagram, where she made some daunting accusations.

During the live stream, Jasmine stated that Fivio, actual name Maxie Lee Ryles III, went on tour and didn’t leave any money for his family. “He came back like nothing– normal,” Jasmine stated. She then stated that she brought the issue to his attention, asking him, “How you leave on tour and don’t leave your family a dollar? What type of sh*t is that?”

Jasmine also claimed that her baby’s father pulled a gun on her in front of their children and his sister. After an altercation and requesting Fivio to leave, she claimed he lashed out and attempted to attack her. Initially, the rapper of “City of Gods” tweeted about the situation.

This man, while his sister is holding him back because he’s trying to hit me, takes out his gun– mind you, my kids are behind me crying.

My baby momz [could] never beef with me she still living in my whole crib.

Fivio explained the situation to The Shade Room in a more mature manner. It seems like he’s calling cap on his baby mama, but he still has respect for his children.

Out of respect for the mother of my children, I am going to handle this issue privately. Never have I ever been accused of not taking care of my children and my responsibilities. As an artist, I travel for work to take care of my family. I love my kids and their mother and it’s unfortunate that she’s made her frustrations with a relationship that I have with Mellow, public.

Let us hope they reconcile soon. After all, those kids will have to grow up one day and find articles about their parents fighting. Fivio already has several feuds to settle too, so he doesn’t need another. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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