Erica Banks is a Canadian-American rapper who is known for dropping frequent thirst traps. Erica Banks is no longer single. The Tennessee rapper Finesse2Tymes and the 22-year-old rapper recently made their relationship Instagram official by posting a series of photos together.

Banks kept most of the details of the new relationship under wraps, despite the fact that she is normally transparent with her admirers. New Instagram photos from the “Buss It” rapper showed her support for the Memphis emcee. She shared numerous images of herself holding her new partner’s neck while he held tenaciously to her waist.

2X 💚 @1finesse2tymes

Along with finding love, Erica Banks has been putting a lot of effort into escaping the Megan Thee Stallion comparisons. Finesse has been returning to the music and the bag since being let out of prison in July.

Erica released Diary of The Flow Queen earlier this summer, which featured contributions from Beatking, DreamDoll, and Bankroll Freddie. She also got a Brazilian butt lift back in July and recently put it on full display while twerking at a pep rally. Check out her latest post below.

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