Waka Flocka Flame soared to fame with the release of his singles “O Let’s Do It,” “Hard in da Paint,” and “No Hands.” That being said, Waka was recently in the spotlight not for his music, but for his divorce, for which he has now taken responsibility.

In a recent Zoom interview with HipHopDX, Waka Flocka Flame discussed his split with Tammy Rivera. Waka Flocka said throughout the conversation that there were many things he could have done differently to prevent a divorce. When discussing the end of their romantic relationship, which served as the main subject of Season 3 of their WEtv reality show Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka, he asserted it in a diplomatic manner.

He firmly replied, “F*ck no,” when asked if he ever imagined going through a divorce on television.

I chose this life 14, 15 years ago, the whole relationship, when I chose to get in this arena of being a celebrity, so it is what it is. It’s definitely depressing with egg on your face, but when it’s like, for me, it just feels more comforting to say, ‘Man, I feel like I caused it.’

That’s me being a bigger man. That’s not saying me, I’m the reason that we split. That’s not the reason. There’s no reason. That cheating stuff, that sh*t happened eight years ago. The reason we split is … there’s no reason, I’m telling you. You don’t even know. It was just a mutual feeling.

Since their separation more than two years ago, Waka and Rivera have gotten used to co-parenting and keeping their friendship to a strict limit. However, it’s still fresh in the Season 3 debut, which premiered on August 18. The reality of Waka’s domestic situation seems to hit him in the face early in the episode as he and his brother are in the grocery store.

My brother came to the house like, ‘I’m about to stay with you, because you’re single, I don’t know where your head space is at.’ It’s been two-and-a-half years. This episode might bring these feelings back though. I don’t know what I felt [then], but I know what I feel. I was definitely in a mental … it was serious. It’s serious, no matter how you want to put it. But we separated with grace.

Since then, Waka Flocka changed and discovered his “magical ways.” These days, while he manages his many business endeavors and raises his daughter, Charlie, who also appears in the show, he’s just seeking peace. “I just upped everything in my life,” he said.

I upped my meditations, I upped my eating patterns, I upped my everything, man. I’m telling you, it’s impossible. I have to do things that vibrate high.

Flocka is improving his diet as well. He made light of the fact that he no longer desires a “Mr. Frog body” in a recent Instagram post. “I was just going backward,” he said.

It was like, ‘What happens to somebody that eats vegan and goes back to eating toxic, basically?’ And I see I’m getting bigger. I’m like, ‘OK.’ The fun part about that, it’s always fun to detox and eat clean. It feels good when you eat clean.

Waka Flocka took a more serious tone and began giving advice as if he were being paid for it. Although he acknowledged that his life wasn’t “perfect,” he said that he had gone through enough of struggle and that the challenging times had given him priceless lessons. His younger brother and fellow rapper KayO Redd committed suicide in 2013. A few years later, he lost another brother, as if that wasn’t traumatic enough.

I think every moment of each individual person’s life is meant to strengthen them, not hurt them. Going through my breakup taught me all this. When you see these things, to me, I think when I see people or situations that are super toxic, it let me know I’ve grown bigger than this. It’s time to grow up.

I’m not giving them the credit. You have no control over it. Zero. It lets me know, when a situation is toxic, I’ve got to go because I’m bigger than this. Not ‘I’m better than it; I’m bigger spiritually. I’m mentally stronger than this. I need to go.’

Waka Flocka Flame learned a great deal through appearing on reality television, which isn’t something you often hear about the genre. He learned how to view things from a different perspective as a result of it. Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera’s romance may be finished, but he has determined to approach his next serious relationship differently. “What helped me was having a TV show,” he explained.

My first time when I ever seen Tammy hurt was on television. It’s like, ‘No, Waka, you’re out of control.’ I didn’t have nobody around me to be like, ‘Yo!’ And that’s not for me to blame anybody. It let me know I needed to be that for my friends.

One example is me never trying to say I can put my woman in position. Who am I to tell her how to live her life and put her in a cage and make her feel like if we ain’t on good terms her life ain’t perfect no more? Then she got a personality crisis and lose herself. I will walk with her on her own path she’s walking and be an advisor and protect her emotions. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll sum it up: I’ll just protect my girl’s emotions at all costs.

WEtv broadcasts Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka every Thursday at 9:00 PM ET. It’s encouraging that Waka is willing to take himself and his life seriously. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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