Amber Heard vowed to appeal the verdict in her recent defamation trial with Johnny Depp. The actress didn’t believe she got a fair trial the first time around. Amber Heard is now leaving the desert, or at least the portion of it in Southern California.

According to TMZ, she recently sold her remote home for a sizable sum. The Yucca Valley mansion had been long believed to belong to Heard since the trial earlier this year. Zillow property records noted that it just got sold for $1,050,000 with a closing date of July 18th.

The crib was secretly bought at the time for slightly over $570,000 by an unidentified trust that is said to have connections to Amber in 2019. After the parcel has changed hands, Amber will walk away from this transaction with roughly $480k in profit. It is nearly twice what she bought for it three years ago.

Property values have largely increased since she purchased it before the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, money is apparently tight for her, especially with the threat of the $8.3 million verdict in Johnny’s favor. She is however formally attempting to fight it.

Heard’s lawyers said that she is unable to pay Depp, although, to be really honest, her financial situation is unclear at the moment. Since the trial’s end in June, Amber has been moving around in her daily life, though we have occasionally seen her in New York, either in the city or the Hamptons. Now that Amber Heard is moving again, it appears that a U-Haul is in her near future.

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