The Wendy Williams Show recently ended, though Williams herself wasn’t present. As Wendy Williams is still under recovery from her condition, she plans to put herself back into the game with a podcast. She believes that she’s done with television.

The YouTube channel and the website for the show have suddenly become inaccessible after the show ended. If one searches for the change, it brings out no results of the channel and the videos that used to be on the platform before.

Web domains for the online resources for the company and show also don’t lead to the website. The previously used domains, “wendywilliamsproductions” and “wendyshow,” don’t direct the users to the websites. While the former is up for auction on GoDaddy, the latter shows a DNS error.

The report comes from Variety. The Wendy Williams Show ended two weeks ago after running successfully for 13 seasons. As Williams has been dealing with lymphedema, the latest season of the show developed without her on board.

Wendy Williams recently revealed the condition of her feet during a video interview with TMZ. She revealed that she only has 5% of feeling left in her feet. Fans are worried about her health, and the removal of the online platforms is all the more concerning.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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