The final episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” aired on June 17th, ending a bona fide era in daytime talk show history. The show, which was filled with humor, gossip, and entertainment for nearly 14 years finally came to an end. Earlier this week, the former host announced that she will be no longer be on television, but she has promised her admirers that they will hear from her again soon. However, it appears fans may have to wait longer that previously thought.

A source spoke to The Sun stating Williams doesn’t leave her house and “can’t remember anything.” The source also added Wendy “hasn’t taken any meetings to try to get back on the air” and it would be a long road to get her back on air in the future.

The wildly successful Wendy Williams Show ended on Friday after a 13-year run with the host absent for the entirety of the last season on air due to a myriad of health issues. The source also said, Wendy “needs a teleprompter and she needs someone there to remind her of things,” and  referenced how crucial her producer Norman Baker was in keeping Wendy’s mind on track in recent years. 

The source close to the host alleged that Wendy has made “no plans to do anything after the show is over” and that “she isn’t going out to meet people to move forward. She has no plan.” The source added, “She is sitting in her house, she isn’t taking meetings, she isn’t going out, there is no plan.” The insider concluded with added that her primary focus has been getting her money from Wells Fargo and that that’s “all she seems to care about.” 


Throughout the season multiple guests filled in for Wendy, including Sherri Shepherd, who is hosting the final week and will have her own show this coming Fall. Despite her setbacks, Wendy had previously vowed to return to her talk show in a few months. Back in March, she told Good Morning America, “Keep watching because I’m going to be back on the Wendy show. Bigger and brighter than ever.”  

However, despite Wendy’s claims that she was on the mend, sources close to the host told The Sun earlier this week that she seemed far from her old self in recent interactions and that she has been displaying distressing behavior. We will have to wait and see how Wendy plans to get back in the game. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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