Wendy Williams turned a new page over in her life as ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ ran its course. The show came to a conclusion with her being absent, as she was unable to come to the forefront. Even still, the battle for Williams isn’t over, as she is fighting an illness.

Williams isn’t going to let her era end this easily. The star appeared in her very first interview ever since her talk show came to an end. She apparently has plans to make a comeback.

The star looked stunning in the interview. However, her feet looked much worse due to the lymphedema affecting her feet. That gave her fans a strong cause for concern.

Williams talked about how she is dealing with lymphedema on an appearance on “TMZ Live.” After she raised her swollen feet to the camera, her fans were left shocked. Her toes looked squeezed, while the foot looked like it was a lot darker.

Do you see this? [My foot] is up and down. I can only feel maybe five percent of my feet, do you understand? I’m not in a wheelchair. I stand up

The former talk show host took a break to recover from lymphedema. While she planned to return to the show, she took a lot longer to recover, and the show was canceled. Now the star wants to make a comeback with a podcast. She believes it’ll make more money when someone’s famous, as she told TMZ.

Fans took to social media in order to show their concern over her condition. While they were obviously concerned over how did she feel around her feet, one fan wondered if she had a stroke.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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